something to believe in

" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Friday, January 12, 2007

something to believe in

Hello, Principles of the perimeter,fronz at your service,casing the night so sleep tight,I've got it covered.WHY do we?Get what we don't want ?Give away ,what once was a dream?Drop the brass ring, when it's handed to us?It all has to do with what you believe,if you feel unworthy,you will fail,if you are incapable,that is human.But there comes a time in your life ,and it will come to all people,when you must decide,grab the grail, or turn away?Would you like a suggestion?Grab it,drink from it, and feel good about it,for that is what the grail lives for.It wants you,as much as ,you should feel worthy of having it.Great men,with black hearts,would probably have a hard time,touching it,an object,such as that ,has an accumulation of power,even though all of the forces are actually emanating from the observer,and not the cup.We will all have to search from within ourselves, to see where we stand in relation to such a treasure.FRONZ ON THE PERIMETER 12 JAN/07


"LISA" said...

Yes! Yes! the magic of the elixior, the great search, but that is the problem, once some people have had a drink there is nothing they won't do for another sip while others are content to wait for their next sip or just be satisfied with what they received me being one of them , what are you? I have not seen your Evil Nemisis the "Black Sage" posting anything about you does this meen that he is sitting back building an A-bomb and getting ready to drop it on the blog world ? Beware of the Evil that lurks in the Hearts & Minds of The Dark Side keep you guard up and always remember we have the power of the Force on our side,with that I must go because Obi Wan Knobi has requested my audiance with me to discuss our battle plans in the neverending battle against the "DARK SIDE"! May the Force Be With You! "MISSTRESS LISA"

something to believe in said...

Dave and me know each other,so any unconstructed dialogue is not publicly aired,at least we go onward,but i'm shure it was a learning expieriance for both of us.