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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hello, Mrs Lisa ,has really turned out to be an enigma,right on,Hello perimeter pesters,is there such a word?Listen up me booties,today in the paper ,there was an article about millions of dollars in aid to Afghanistan,being, not revealed, or accounted for,from the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT.Excuse me,but all i can say is why?Now, you can ask around I'm an humanitarian,and would give to anyone,but only if i felt ,in his eyes that he would do the same for me.I really don't think the Afghans would even remember our generosity ,if the shoe was on the other foot,like, am i missing something in this type of behavior?Please give us 'DEMOCRACY' , i promise to vote even,every night laws that shape our lives,can be voted by anyone with interest',with the new technology',power to the people!NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND HAS THERE EVER BEEN A TRUE DEMOCRACY,why don't we give it a chance?It would take us from our complacent life,towards government,and breath a fiery,hot wind in our blood,and make us accountable for the way we live,can you see it ,yea baby!FRONZ/JAN/11/07


"lisa" said...

Hi! it the Enigma here or maybe I should say Enema because somtimes I have been known to cause a lot of shit somtimes but I must correct you on 1 point it is Miss or Mistress Lisa because no man has been able to tie me down yet so after clarifying that I have to zip off to make a comment on another of your blogs see you on the next page "Miss Lisa'

something to believe in said...

MISTRESS LISA,please don't cause trouble,because there is enough trouble already out there ,without a person setting out, with intent to cause it.