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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

no they didn't get me

HELLO,anybody out there,perimeter pee shooters,how you doing,it's fronz,no my last blog was cut short because of mechanical failure,Google wouldn't allow any improper handling of free speech,I'm shure,[out here there are no stars],remember,we is all stoned immaculate. As time passes ,do you know? I mean you ,' the older generation',do you see that even in our short history,that laws and events seem to repeat themselves ,one day it's illegal to gamble and the next it's alright ,this goes on and on, with many things,consumption of alcohol,use of drugs,possession of arms,sex laws,on and on ,over and over.Well what changes, our morals or our pocketbooks? Let's take this further into the future,are we still going to play a game of hit and miss, or are we going to have finished our human studies,and have installed the best answer to the the questions that plague us.Take gambling for instance ,when i was younger it was illegal to have money and a pack of cards, on the same table,at the same time ,now the government has casinos, where you can gamble,what changed ? Are we still that inept,or have our human studies been so useless,that we don't have an answer for our legislation or morals,i am quit liberal, with most issues, because as long as no one is hurt,and all parties are in agreement with the subject at hand,i see no problems,but why do we keep revolving instead of evolving?Are we just pandering to the wealthiest or squeakiest wheel?I am forced to believe so.A million years from now are we still going to be mulling over drinking ,drugs,sex,gambling ,definitions of possession,or are we going to have arrived to a cocensus, that we can all live with?If we knew what we know now,what would be different,i think quit a bit ,don't you?Well seeing the world as if it were a child,and all that we do know ,through this compilation of thousands of years, of recorded history,we should be at a point,where there are few questions, to be asked,excluding non social,such as energy and medical .Yet we're still saying the, words, i don't know,and there are still squeeky wheels out there calling for the opposite of anything, that is an issue,so sometimes governments are forced to apply laws, or rules, that don't really fit, what we know from history,to be ,either acceptable or not.To overcome this ,when a law is proposed by a politition,we should go and check ,tactics,that occurred, in previous societies, and eras.And if we can't reach satisfaction there,we should be given a chance ,of ,at least having a proffesional study performed,take for example, the gun law in Canada ,it is useless,and has cost the Canadians millions to implement,yet there was no study, no checking of past ;or social acceptance by the Canadians,which i believe, was in majority ;against the law,it became a war between ,the people and the government,and the government naturally won,forcing a law down our throuts .Is this what we call;,'democracy',don't even dream it.Democrasy is not implemented anywhere in the world right now,i don't believe?Some countries are closer,but in North America,it doesn't exist.What we are living in, is more of a republic, than democracy.Yet i feel that a democracy,now that we have this internet, could be instantly applied,vote from home, on every piece of legislation that is put on the table,shure there will be scams at first, but ,it seems like the internet system is getting more refind as it develops,and a secure way of voting through it is possible.This will sound threatening to our governmens now but when implemented ,it will be a reliefe,knowing that they have the people as their driving force,don't you all think so?gfronzi\jan.\3\07


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fronz here doing post test ,blog on my friends

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let us see

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