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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Friday, January 5, 2007


Hello,Perimeter presarios,the fronz here,dig this,what it all boils down to ,is who's got the power.Sometimes the biggest gun ,doesn't necessarily mean the entity has power,because when the Vietnam war, was being televised ,in my youth,i watched a nation so committed,so believing that they were right,that the opposing ,adversary which, had the superior power, in the form of tech advanced military hardware,had to concede,and declare ,that they now respect the north Vietnamese,enough, as to say OK it's over.A man with a hand full of rice ,a container of water,in a hole dug in the ground,hiding and waiting,for the enemy.You cannot beat.As a matter of fact,i think the Vietnamese, should be ,if anything noted,that they are people that don't just get shoved around they demand respect.You guys are in my heart ,for showing that ,love is the most powerful weapon,they loved their country,and would sit,in Waite,of the enemy sometimes for weeks i assume,in a hole dug in the ground.You are an inspiration to all races,we as in North American,saw you as stupid little people,you showed us your true commitment.Love my dear perimeter ,players, is a very strong force to feed from...,that is because it feels good....,when something feels right,you can't loose ,right?Take heed ,it's better to be a rock, and not a stone.FRONZ\JAN\5\07arrivederci baby


"LISA" said...

What you have failed to say is that the Vietnamese were merely a puppet of the Communist Chinese and without their financial and military support would not have felled the Giant in fact even the the Chinese have learned that they don't have to fight to rule the world they succeded in taking over the world with cheap labor and goods, therefore after enlightening you as to the real truth I must go forth and enlighten more of the misguided males in society, rave on Mr. Fronzi glad to see you finally fixed your comment section so a women can help you and guide you along Lifes Rocky Roads on the Astral Plains of Existance. Gotta Go and save the world

fronz said...

Yes ,lisa,the chinese offered support,but they werent sitting in the hole waiting.