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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

magnets and miracles

Hello,perimeter pence's ,evil magnet here,don't worry I'm always going to write to myself ,he,look at all the attention i get!You couldn't buy this,but we must press on, my boss wants production , ha!They say I've gone crazy,i on the other hand, think I'm the only one that knows whats going on.Believe or not, i really am the only one,but to be this way,is not fun, or cool,because along with the good,you also see the bad.Follow me on this blogidition, and you will see what i mean.The sad part is that it could be so easy,but our egos the billions of us, have to be fed,everyone must eat, and sit at the same table.There is only one way to do it,this may sound harsh,but it will make sense in the end.We have to redirect all nonsensical expenditure,towards education,but not to pay teachers more money ,but to hire more,so that we can concentrate,on problems students might have,no line of study should be stopped until every student can say they understand, and can put to use,what they've learned,it will be very slow,but a guarantee of success.Yes,that means repetition for failures ,even if it takes years,students that don't participate,and are incorrigible,should be put immediately in the armed forces,and put to some use ,as their youth is to precious to waste.I'm shure they will enjoy the whole experience,and come out of it with early retirement to boot.Feedback please.fronzjan/10/07


"Lisa" said...

Oh to be branded as incorrigble a name tag I might have worn in my youth, but if not for us the classroom would have been dull and boring and as for the army they serve a purpose but not for everybody and with our attitudes do you think that we would have fit in with the mold , after reading the last blog I thought you started off well but near the end you may have been won over by the "DARK SIDE" of "THE NOT SO GREAT SAGE" so goodbye and goodnight I'm off to NeverNeverland to visit Peter Pan

something to believe in said...

Lisa,i thinck i know who you are?how ya doing,well lisa the army or civil duty is one thing that canada isn't in step with most of the world.the army inturn makes us more money by taking on projects we now contract out.the whole expireiance is nothing but character building,and would change a life, that could have gone terribly wrong.Just because we grew up in front of a pool hall,even though barny fife always warnd andy about pool halls, you gotta nip it in the bud, andy nip it in the bud!

"lisa" said...

I have only been to your town once about 10 years ago on my wat through and unless you were serving coffee at Tim Hortons or worked at the border I doubt if we met ,good coffee by the way, but if I ever come your way again I will be sure contact you and we might be able to pontifacate on life in general! Goodbye I'm off on my "Neverending Journey" Up Up and Away

"Lisa" said...

On second thought have you ever been to South Bend on your Steed I did meet some gentlemen from Canada there 3 years ago? Anyway I have to get back to work and save the "World". To Infinty and Beyond I'm Out of Here see you all Later