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Sunday, January 7, 2007

no time

Hello,perimeter portals,fronz here, natch,I've gotta say,what a compliment,another blogger ,giving,and transforming ,because of the plains/o/e.Well i unfortunately don't have time to do some verbal battle ,because I've got eyes and hearts to open,so if you got something to say,mr. SELVERS just put it in the comment box,but remember the rules,don't be a big asshole,just a regular one will do. MEANWHILE,i would like to impart,a certain feeling or experience to you ,follow my words by quickly ,picturing , smelling,and feeling, the scenario that i would like to share with you,it is from my youth, ready.......A large room,an apartment loft ,two stories up ,on the cornice of a triangular building,windows all open,a fresh stream of fresh ,warm summer air, flowing,shear drapes silently flowing with the breeze,it's dark ,but the bright lights of downtown ,create more than enough visibility,soft music,Jim Morrison singing', the end' on the radio,I'm
dressing ,the smell of sex is heavy,lucky for the breeze,a cute chick,naked and sleeping like a pose for a play boy pic.I slowly leave,i quietly go down the stairs,and step outside,the wonder of all of life before me,gives me a feeling of just breaking free of prison,freaks are all over the popular area,two of them took it upon themselves to watch my' pan' i chat for awhile with them ,thank them,then feel my engine,it's quit cool,better give it a couple of kicks with ignition off,so it gets some gas,pans loved gas,she was one of the first wide glides,no front fender or brake,a center of gravity that allowed you easy play because it was so low.Three kicks,with no spark,one to fire it up,and it always did,and what a sound ,in the canyon of buildings,I put her in first gear,and slowly ease out ,a feeling of freedom and well being come over me,as i move faster i feel better.FRONZ\JAN\7\07 ifYOU CAN GUESS WHICH BUILDING I WAS IN,YOU WIN A FREE LEO RULES T-SHIRT,HINT ,IT IS IN SAULT STE. MARIE ONTARIO,CALL -705-949-3760.

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"LISA" said...

Is this Jeporady and your Alex Trebeck and your Blog Buddy seems to be a reincarnation of Hitler,Stalin,Mussolini,Saddam and Charlie Manson all in one have fun in your Blogs Wars. See you in OZ were off to see the Wizard .