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Friday, January 12, 2007

without fanfare

Hello, perimeter prizefighters,fronz at post,yesterday,i discovered something about CANADIAN government that blew me away,this won't mean much to U.S. readers, but it should to all CANADIANS,without fanfare ,and media explosion,the conservative government implemented,now get this and this is not quit fully understood,'ACCOUNTABILITY IN GOVERNMENT',YES CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!The layout is still not exposed,but the way things are done will now change,lets see what is in store.At this point, i think the government,should be allowing media coverage,so that ,as well as possible for the media ,to give the people a glimpse,of how the system develops,if it is a true step to a correction in deployment and tactics of governing,it is as big an affair as ,personal constitutional rights.This might be to early ,but if the process is an honest one,right on ,TORIES,AND MR.HARPER,YOU MAY HAVE SEALED YOUR PLACE IN HISTORY?As the general in gladiator said ,'WHAT WE DO IN LIFE ECHOS THROUGH HISTORY FOREVER'.FRONZ/JAN/12/07


Anonymous said...

I will believe this when the true majority speaks, Mr Harper is a wolf in sheeps clothing , and with his nose stuck up George W asshole he has very limited vision so we will see if there is any true meaning to this or if it just another conservative whitewash

"LISA" said...

I don't know alot about your politics, but that is not to say that I am ignorant but I would not be to elated just yet because as I have observed Mr Harper is a bit of a bushleague Bush and if you have an election in the near future this could be bait to vote his party in only to die after the election is over , be careful in your praise until the die is cast and the words are set in stone. I'LL BE BACK" MISSTRISS LISA

something to believe in said...

I like LISA'S OBSERVATION,of course there is going to be a lot of variables,but the way it was explained to me the law is already installed.FRONZ