something to believe in

" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

an ounce of prevention

Hello, perimeter place mats,every day we get an example of how mankind wants to harness evolution,for example,one day I'm walking in the forest with my shotgun in hand,looking for game,to put on the table,the next day I'm directly connected with some big city gang war,and might as well be carrying an automatic weapon.This is just one example of what is called preventative measures,well heck, who knows i might just loose it ,and spray a MacDonald's with buck shoot.Legislation in the wrong hands can become a sickening joke,all at our expense of course.If i needed advice on how to prevent robberies,i would seek out a thief ,to get his perspective,if i wanted to frame a house,i would seek out a carpenter,and so on.But if i wanted democracy,a fair governing body,and rational legislation,would my first choice be a lawyer?How did man make it this far, without all these twentieth century restraints?What was daily life one day,is a crime the next,come on lets get with the program,live and let live,or in this ever changing world in which we live in,makes you give it a try,to live and let die.[P.McARTNEY]We are judged before the crime occurs,and if somehow you get caught up in a situation that is of question ,you will fall into a niche that will judge you as guilty, on mere assumption.Feast while you can ,you the younger generation,because dark day's could lay ahead,you will inherit the brunt of preventative legislation.FRONZ/JAN/31 /07


Hello,perimeter peekers,bloodshed ,occurs for many different reasons,the most common one being war.Wars are fought for many different reasons,but the worst,and the most devastating,is war of differing religions.This type of war is based on certain beliefs,and has no tangible reason,so it causes the most damage,implementation of knowledge ,of both positions must occur,otherwise it;s to easy to judge the unknown.The perpetrators of Sept.11,do not represent the Muslim people,what they did was purely selfish,we can't wipe a slate with one cloth,so keep your minds open,because I'm shure the average Muslim is just like me and you,with only the difference, that their friends and family could have been destroyed by a stray bomb,how would you feel?Never being able to go to your buddies place to party anymore,or never seeing your relatives again,let's try to understand their position,because there will be no turning back once the word is released,rationalize,repeat these words to everyone,you don't have to say where you heard them,just keep repeating and have them repeat them also,so that an upwelling of rationality starts,and hopefully ,the right scenario plays out.This goes for the Muslim to ,anyone who reads this, cause the stir of rationality,otherwise the devastation could be enormous,hope for the best.fronz jan 31/07


Hello,perimeter panels,they say nothing in this world is free.Well ,usually that's true,but remember ,advice is usually free,no even that comes with a price.My fee is ,that i also gain in knowledge,and insight along with tapping into my own data base.So if you feel the need,perhaps i can open a new insight for ,both of us ,just remain anonymous,no one including me will know who you are.I feel ,any reply will astound you,it will probably be the only avenue to go.fronz jan31/07

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

a spade is a spade

Hello,perimeter pulcines,i need a fix cause I'm go in down,down to the bi*ch,that i left up town[Beatles,happiness is a warm gun].Well, fellow voyagers,sometimes the very fact that, a rule,a law ,or a fine,is a testament, that there is a problem, in that area of social structure.For instance,THE HUMAN RIGHTS LAW,the mere fact that we have to tabulate,the codes of conduct towards another human being,seems to leave a sign post in the evolutionary time clock.Something that should go without questioning,still has to have a tactical guideline.This means we are not learning the lesson, with every turn of generations.Yes
'man' is his own enemy,so watch out my friends.FRONZ/24/jan/07

Sunday, January 21, 2007

nip it in the bud

Hello, perimeter platforms,I'm still out of inspiration,but I'm in the spirit,so I'll casually bend your perception,steal all you believe, and replace it with something that you can work with.As i sit here waiting for a shooting star,i will have to revert to former stars that shaped,history.And one quote comes to mind ,that of Barny Fyfe,of the sprawling metropolis of May berry North Carolina,just south of the notable, Mount Pilot.No Barrny isn't related to Dr. Fyfe.but he had a Fraze, that summed up,a solution to all the problems that plagued the world.It was,in his high strung paranoiac state,that he was usually suffering from,[ya gotta nip it in the bud] ,yes he did have a viable point to pass on ,and i think we should be thankful that barrny was out there ,making shure that the good people of Mayberry,were under the shield of his preventative measures,thank you Barnny from all of us,we won't soon forget you.FRONZ/JAN/21/07

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hello, perimeters of paradise,for some reason i have lost inspiration,unless i feel a change,i could give this up,and divert my time to other pursuits,don't worry ,i will post a goodbye.FRONZ/17/JAN/07

Monday, January 15, 2007


Hello,perimeter patch holders,fronz here,there is a problem ,amongst the most interesting species on the planet,homo sapians.It's called EGO,ego is every persons need to assert it's own agenda,this emotion or instinct,is a survival device, that ,at this point in our development, is not as required as when,survival was harder.AT this point a more common ego,should be more permeated through mankind,together[ there are no problems only solutions],JOHN LENNON,MR LENNON WAS A PERSON that ,actually made a difference in this world,he was a revolutionary musician,but he used his fame,which made him untouchable,and also caused his death,to change the way a whole generation looked at life,his death robbed us of a character,that was restless, when it came to the subject of humanity.His main ideals involved,love, freedom and the binding of humanity as one sentient ,and functioning,entity that could work together to solve all problems,even if governments failed to solve them.He was a true visionary,you who are too young to remember him,might not see this,but before the BEATLES and the ENGLISH musical revolution,the world was a different place,study it if you need more info.Well MR. LENNON'S main credo was a discarding of ego,and intrusive governing,and each person being the best they could be ,to another person,with this ,he felt all problems could be overcome.This credo is not unique,most of the religious visionaries had the same message,but it just didn't seem to go past lip service,man continued, and still does today,forget, or ignore the message.When all along this message is the only thing that has kept us civil to each other,no not laws ,but the message.We who believe in the message ,must practice it to the point of discarding our ego, and living on faith,you will be surprised at what happens.I can't say I'm perfect,either but,i always give my fellow man a chance,sometimes i loose,but you would be surprised at how many times ,people see it in me ,and work to create a common good.Evil will always support evil,but righteousness always leaves a better feeling, and outcome.GOD BLESS US ALL.FRONZ JAN/15/07

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Hello, Let me tell you of heartache and the loss of god ,wandering ,wandering through endless night, out here on the perimeter there are no stars,[to guide you],out here we is stoned immaculate.[J.M. THE DOORS].We suffer as human entities,because of an unknown factor,which is incorporated into life,that being, fate.Fate is the unknown ,that keeps life interesting,oh yea ,we could say, let's do lunch tomorrow,whether it actually happens, is all up to fate.This one factor, could change everything,from all life on this planet,to which forms of life survives ,or have to adapt, to a catastrophic fate.You see the only difference between us and the other entities that inhabit this planet,is that we can create something that doesn't already exist.If we gauge ourselves by our ability to destroy,as superiority,run into a hungry male lion,in the tall grass,you'll get a swift lesson on superiority.BUT we have this ability to create unnatural devices that put us in a very unique,and responsible position,for like the star ship Enterprise,our code should be ,as little interference,on different entities,as possible.This a personal code ,that each person must incorporate,because no one is usually there to couch you ,when you may have to make a decision on live or let die.If die was a good solution,then why is it so final?That removes ,maybe in a minuscule way,fate,fate that is lost,never to influence a solution, or a revelation,therefore we all lose.DIG IT .THEN LOVE IT TO DEATH.FRONZ/14/07


Don't touch that mouse!We have taken over your P.C., for the next few words ,we have control,you've entered the perimeter zone!Last night ,i read in a news site that 100% of Irish banknotes are tainted with cocaine,in the U.S. it was 65% ,my only question is ,do you need a passport to go to Ireland?May I please have my planet back?FRONZ/Jan/13/07

Friday, January 12, 2007

without fanfare

Hello, perimeter prizefighters,fronz at post,yesterday,i discovered something about CANADIAN government that blew me away,this won't mean much to U.S. readers, but it should to all CANADIANS,without fanfare ,and media explosion,the conservative government implemented,now get this and this is not quit fully understood,'ACCOUNTABILITY IN GOVERNMENT',YES CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!The layout is still not exposed,but the way things are done will now change,lets see what is in store.At this point, i think the government,should be allowing media coverage,so that ,as well as possible for the media ,to give the people a glimpse,of how the system develops,if it is a true step to a correction in deployment and tactics of governing,it is as big an affair as ,personal constitutional rights.This might be to early ,but if the process is an honest one,right on ,TORIES,AND MR.HARPER,YOU MAY HAVE SEALED YOUR PLACE IN HISTORY?As the general in gladiator said ,'WHAT WE DO IN LIFE ECHOS THROUGH HISTORY FOREVER'.FRONZ/JAN/12/07

something to believe in

Hello, Principles of the perimeter,fronz at your service,casing the night so sleep tight,I've got it covered.WHY do we?Get what we don't want ?Give away ,what once was a dream?Drop the brass ring, when it's handed to us?It all has to do with what you believe,if you feel unworthy,you will fail,if you are incapable,that is human.But there comes a time in your life ,and it will come to all people,when you must decide,grab the grail, or turn away?Would you like a suggestion?Grab it,drink from it, and feel good about it,for that is what the grail lives for.It wants you,as much as ,you should feel worthy of having it.Great men,with black hearts,would probably have a hard time,touching it,an object,such as that ,has an accumulation of power,even though all of the forces are actually emanating from the observer,and not the cup.We will all have to search from within ourselves, to see where we stand in relation to such a treasure.FRONZ ON THE PERIMETER 12 JAN/07

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hello, Mrs Lisa ,has really turned out to be an enigma,right on,Hello perimeter pesters,is there such a word?Listen up me booties,today in the paper ,there was an article about millions of dollars in aid to Afghanistan,being, not revealed, or accounted for,from the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT.Excuse me,but all i can say is why?Now, you can ask around I'm an humanitarian,and would give to anyone,but only if i felt ,in his eyes that he would do the same for me.I really don't think the Afghans would even remember our generosity ,if the shoe was on the other foot,like, am i missing something in this type of behavior?Please give us 'DEMOCRACY' , i promise to vote even,every night laws that shape our lives,can be voted by anyone with interest',with the new technology',power to the people!NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND HAS THERE EVER BEEN A TRUE DEMOCRACY,why don't we give it a chance?It would take us from our complacent life,towards government,and breath a fiery,hot wind in our blood,and make us accountable for the way we live,can you see it ,yea baby!FRONZ/JAN/11/07


Hello, MY PERIMETER PALS,fronz here,Time you know, it's ticking away ,what would you rather do?Take the chance,, that of living your dream, we all have A DREAM ,BUT VERY FEW OF US actually act on it ,were all to stoned to care,it's
not that important, just getting warm and dry,is hard enough,BUT TO GIVE IT ALL UP TO JUST FOLLOW YOUR HEART,sounds good hey.fronz/11/07

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

magnets and miracles

Hello,perimeter pence's ,evil magnet here,don't worry I'm always going to write to myself ,he,look at all the attention i get!You couldn't buy this,but we must press on, my boss wants production , ha!They say I've gone crazy,i on the other hand, think I'm the only one that knows whats going on.Believe or not, i really am the only one,but to be this way,is not fun, or cool,because along with the good,you also see the bad.Follow me on this blogidition, and you will see what i mean.The sad part is that it could be so easy,but our egos the billions of us, have to be fed,everyone must eat, and sit at the same table.There is only one way to do it,this may sound harsh,but it will make sense in the end.We have to redirect all nonsensical expenditure,towards education,but not to pay teachers more money ,but to hire more,so that we can concentrate,on problems students might have,no line of study should be stopped until every student can say they understand, and can put to use,what they've learned,it will be very slow,but a guarantee of success.Yes,that means repetition for failures ,even if it takes years,students that don't participate,and are incorrigible,should be put immediately in the armed forces,and put to some use ,as their youth is to precious to waste.I'm shure they will enjoy the whole experience,and come out of it with early retirement to boot.Feedback please.fronzjan/10/07

i don't want to talk about it

Hello, perimeter pennylofers,you know,sometimes if you ignore something it might go away,highly unlikely though,thats the way it's been all my life,so i don't want to talk about it.what i do want to talk about is going to stray from social topics for awhile,cause reality bites.And at other times it's awsome.I couldn't begin to tell of the stories in my life,but i see myself as evil bait,for some reason it is always on my case,how do you guy's feel,the winner gets all the good stuff on ......?ha!fronzjan10\07

Sunday, January 7, 2007

no time

Hello,perimeter portals,fronz here, natch,I've gotta say,what a compliment,another blogger ,giving,and transforming ,because of the plains/o/e.Well i unfortunately don't have time to do some verbal battle ,because I've got eyes and hearts to open,so if you got something to say,mr. SELVERS just put it in the comment box,but remember the rules,don't be a big asshole,just a regular one will do. MEANWHILE,i would like to impart,a certain feeling or experience to you ,follow my words by quickly ,picturing , smelling,and feeling, the scenario that i would like to share with you,it is from my youth, ready.......A large room,an apartment loft ,two stories up ,on the cornice of a triangular building,windows all open,a fresh stream of fresh ,warm summer air, flowing,shear drapes silently flowing with the breeze,it's dark ,but the bright lights of downtown ,create more than enough visibility,soft music,Jim Morrison singing', the end' on the radio,I'm
dressing ,the smell of sex is heavy,lucky for the breeze,a cute chick,naked and sleeping like a pose for a play boy pic.I slowly leave,i quietly go down the stairs,and step outside,the wonder of all of life before me,gives me a feeling of just breaking free of prison,freaks are all over the popular area,two of them took it upon themselves to watch my' pan' i chat for awhile with them ,thank them,then feel my engine,it's quit cool,better give it a couple of kicks with ignition off,so it gets some gas,pans loved gas,she was one of the first wide glides,no front fender or brake,a center of gravity that allowed you easy play because it was so low.Three kicks,with no spark,one to fire it up,and it always did,and what a sound ,in the canyon of buildings,I put her in first gear,and slowly ease out ,a feeling of freedom and well being come over me,as i move faster i feel better.FRONZ\JAN\7\07 ifYOU CAN GUESS WHICH BUILDING I WAS IN,YOU WIN A FREE LEO RULES T-SHIRT,HINT ,IT IS IN SAULT STE. MARIE ONTARIO,CALL -705-949-3760.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

another attack

Hello,perimeter pleasure seekers,fronz,the blog sight,that feels threatened by the plains of existence.But first,i would like to explain that,i share most of the views of this character,and he is trying to corral me into a specific type of entity,with his agenda ,creating my point of view,there is a big difference,between freedom and liberalism,judge for yourselves.FRONZ\jan/6/07

Friday, January 5, 2007


Hello,Perimeter presarios,the fronz here,dig this,what it all boils down to ,is who's got the power.Sometimes the biggest gun ,doesn't necessarily mean the entity has power,because when the Vietnam war, was being televised ,in my youth,i watched a nation so committed,so believing that they were right,that the opposing ,adversary which, had the superior power, in the form of tech advanced military hardware,had to concede,and declare ,that they now respect the north Vietnamese,enough, as to say OK it's over.A man with a hand full of rice ,a container of water,in a hole dug in the ground,hiding and waiting,for the enemy.You cannot beat.As a matter of fact,i think the Vietnamese, should be ,if anything noted,that they are people that don't just get shoved around they demand respect.You guys are in my heart ,for showing that ,love is the most powerful weapon,they loved their country,and would sit,in Waite,of the enemy sometimes for weeks i assume,in a hole dug in the ground.You are an inspiration to all races,we as in North American,saw you as stupid little people,you showed us your true commitment.Love my dear perimeter ,players, is a very strong force to feed from...,that is because it feels good....,when something feels right,you can't loose ,right?Take heed ,it's better to be a rock, and not a stone.FRONZ\JAN\5\07arrivederci baby

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

no they didn't get me

HELLO,anybody out there,perimeter pee shooters,how you doing,it's fronz,no my last blog was cut short because of mechanical failure,Google wouldn't allow any improper handling of free speech,I'm shure,[out here there are no stars],remember,we is all stoned immaculate. As time passes ,do you know? I mean you ,' the older generation',do you see that even in our short history,that laws and events seem to repeat themselves ,one day it's illegal to gamble and the next it's alright ,this goes on and on, with many things,consumption of alcohol,use of drugs,possession of arms,sex laws,on and on ,over and over.Well what changes, our morals or our pocketbooks? Let's take this further into the future,are we still going to play a game of hit and miss, or are we going to have finished our human studies,and have installed the best answer to the the questions that plague us.Take gambling for instance ,when i was younger it was illegal to have money and a pack of cards, on the same table,at the same time ,now the government has casinos, where you can gamble,what changed ? Are we still that inept,or have our human studies been so useless,that we don't have an answer for our legislation or morals,i am quit liberal, with most issues, because as long as no one is hurt,and all parties are in agreement with the subject at hand,i see no problems,but why do we keep revolving instead of evolving?Are we just pandering to the wealthiest or squeakiest wheel?I am forced to believe so.A million years from now are we still going to be mulling over drinking ,drugs,sex,gambling ,definitions of possession,or are we going to have arrived to a cocensus, that we can all live with?If we knew what we know now,what would be different,i think quit a bit ,don't you?Well seeing the world as if it were a child,and all that we do know ,through this compilation of thousands of years, of recorded history,we should be at a point,where there are few questions, to be asked,excluding non social,such as energy and medical .Yet we're still saying the, words, i don't know,and there are still squeeky wheels out there calling for the opposite of anything, that is an issue,so sometimes governments are forced to apply laws, or rules, that don't really fit, what we know from history,to be ,either acceptable or not.To overcome this ,when a law is proposed by a politition,we should go and check ,tactics,that occurred, in previous societies, and eras.And if we can't reach satisfaction there,we should be given a chance ,of ,at least having a proffesional study performed,take for example, the gun law in Canada ,it is useless,and has cost the Canadians millions to implement,yet there was no study, no checking of past ;or social acceptance by the Canadians,which i believe, was in majority ;against the law,it became a war between ,the people and the government,and the government naturally won,forcing a law down our throuts .Is this what we call;,'democracy',don't even dream it.Democrasy is not implemented anywhere in the world right now,i don't believe?Some countries are closer,but in North America,it doesn't exist.What we are living in, is more of a republic, than democracy.Yet i feel that a democracy,now that we have this internet, could be instantly applied,vote from home, on every piece of legislation that is put on the table,shure there will be scams at first, but ,it seems like the internet system is getting more refind as it develops,and a secure way of voting through it is possible.This will sound threatening to our governmens now but when implemented ,it will be a reliefe,knowing that they have the people as their driving force,don't you all think so?gfronzi\jan.\3\07