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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Sunday, December 31, 2006

sad eyes turn the other way i can't see you crying

Hello, perimeter pistons,fronz here,natch,tell me, how can you mend a broken heart?HOW CAN YOU STOP THE RAIN FROM FALLING DOWN?Well you can't. One of my personal, and i believe one of my greatest achievements,is actually something that was always in me,the ability to read all life forms, and to be able to communicate with them on an almost instant ,you see we don't all have this, because we don't all have the proper perspective,the proper perspective is ,in, actually believing, in your ability, and the other life form senses your ,commitment in forming a reasonable attempt,and believe me they do ,to the point that you become' one'.To actually gain respect from an entity that is not human,and that entity accepting you as instant family,rewards you with something that you can't put into words,they are all innocents ,it's up to you to be just as innocent in your interplay.Humans that i encounter, that ,don't have this ability,i find to be different,in all other aspects of life also,well we all have our own place to occupy,they could be great parents, or ,are capable of other forms of interaction.But there is a heaven above us all,so lets not cry ,lets re joy's ,in the fact that together, there are no problems, only solutions.[John Lennon].But everyone must eat at our table,and thrive.When JESUS said [forgive them lord for they know not what they do].He was showing us that he was in full understanding ,of the condition of being human.HIS death i don't believe was to save our souls,but to seal the deal ,so that the story could not die,death is the only way,he, going off and living happily ever after wouldn't have cut it.All he actually did say was that he was no different than any man,and that anyone could do as he could do,you'v just got to believe.He felt a force,and his last words [why has't thow forsaken me oh lord]?Showed he didn't know himself what was really going on,and only had faith ,to guide him.But, what a faith,it impowered him into being so unique ,that ,it changed the way humanity in the western world, would think and act,forever.TO actually walk in those shoes ,i can only immitate to a degree,because it takes a special point of view,one that my limited abilities,can only catch short fast glimpses of ,as i'm shure, you can also perform the glimpse effect,it's always there in front of our eyes,but we are too affraid to actually take the leap.To actually put your foot on water and believe with every cell in your body , that you will walk on it. So i arrive to the point of this instalment,this blog is the only power, that,they hopefully can't corrupt ,

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