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Thursday, December 21, 2006

the afflictian of being young

Hello,perimeter packsackers,fronz at the table,i would like to pass on an experience to people that can gain some insight from it,especially our youth.This is going to be transpired as an incident ,and then it will be translated into a life technique for all.As i have earlier stated the bulk of my career was as a millwright,or to most people an industrial mechanic,when i started as an apprentice the company i worked for was owned and run by Germans,the older and senior mechanics were people from Germany ,and were experts in various fields of industrial applications,i believe this incident ,a learning experience imparted to me by one of these older professionals,happened on my first day,his technique was something i couldn't grasp till later, but it was the type of experience that gives you an incite into how the trade ,and life itself has to be configured.This man is still around ,retired, and still in good condition,i will use his real name since the story is not unknown amongst the people that worked at this establishment,and not insulting to him in any way.His name was EMIL,EMIL was a big proud man ,who was i believe a blacksmith,in his native land,he was capable of shaping steel with simple methods that you don't see that much anymore,he was big and a commanding figure,but with a soft heart,and innocent demeanor.I was assigned to him that first day ,upon making our hellos he said he had a job to do that he wanted me to try,that being inserting a pin of steel approximately eight inches in diameter ,and four feet long into it's place ,an arm that it pivoted by joining three holes in alignment.He said o.k. put that pin in it's place ,which being young and ready to prove myself i dived into,i lifted that pin into position,and started to sledge hammer it into place ,i hammered and hammered,and that pin would not go in, so i hammered some more ,as a matter i hammered that whole day ,mushrooming the end of the pin,and not accomplishing my task ,meanwhile ,other mechanics were coming up to EMIL and telling him this isn't right,EMIL would roar at them,i am the teacher here and i will teach as i see fit ,i meanwhile wasn't getting the picture,at the end of the day ,a failure,i said to EMIL,EMIL the pin won't fit,exactly he said,what did you learn,well i said, i won't try to put something in place without checking it out first,that's right Mr. fronzi ,you don't do something because someone else says to do it ,or that it can be done,you check it yourself first.I was actually more angry at the time than enlightened,he then said ,guess what were doing tomorrow, what i asked ,he said you are going to hammer that pin back out!This lesson,can be incorporated into most of life's problems and solutions,I'm shure i don't have to extrapolate on that.gfronzi/dec/21/06,this could be my last blog, tomorrow i am going to help some friends,and it might hold me up ,arrivedercci baby!

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