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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Saturday, December 23, 2006

when are you gonna come down,when are you going to land?

Hello, perimeter non existers,just me shooting my spout off again,you know there are two ways to live life,one is life,the other is a reaction to life,which would you say, you fit in ?This is very important for you to asses, because it can hold the meaning to happiness and satisfaction,grasping life and conforming ,an assemblage that you can be proud of,or rated in different positions,just because someone is wealthier,or has more going for them,it doesn't denote happiness,that person could have ,scammed,cheated and slithered their way,or they were lucky enough to have it all handed to them.The question you have to ask yourself is ,if i went to see a movie based on my life, would i come out from that movie with a good feeling?I'm shure this is one of the most important insights a person could give themselves.Of course it all depends on what you think, is correctness ,example ,if you ask an ax murderer this question,he might be proud of himself,for killing as many people as possible,so we have to ask ourselves ,how do i assemble a life that everyone,leaves feeling good, after the movie credits come up.If you use this as a guide post for your conscience,we would all leave your movie feeling good.You see ,there might not be any credits after the show, but ,you will know how the story went,and that is the first critic you have to satisfy .rock on fellow explorers,for in the end, i want to wake up in KANSAS ,how bout you?gfronzi/dec23/06, oh yea, to he authority figure,i interacted with today ,in the cold rain,i did lie,about the humidity effecting my engine,i had too the topic is worth that,just like i would lie to save your life.thank you.arrivederci baby.

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