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Sunday, December 17, 2006

ha ,ok

Hello, you perimeter priests,the fronz here.If you notice the comment in the last blog your instant reaction IS ,IS THIS PERSON RUBBING YOUR SEXUAL ORGAN.Well if I'm going to be professional about this,i must take that to be a true reply,and even if it's a goad,it is a good one.Yes i do have a position ,not being a parent,one that might reach the young,capable to impart what sometimes even the best of parents can't,why, because I'm still that little boy,with the wide eyes,hoping that everyone else will also be professional,here is your first lesson son or daughter,prepare for unprofessional ism in all forms ,but it works in a strange fashion ,the more the part holds in a social order the more unprofessional it gets,in 1963 i watched the top dog of the whole planet ,of the most powerful and most envied country in the world, get his head blown off in public,viewed by millions of people,and To this day dec.17.2006., WE STILL DON'T KNOW WHO ORCHESTRATED IT,CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT KIDS ,TO THIS VERY DAY, THE BEST POLICE,THE BEST SECRET INTELLIGENCE,AND THE HIGTH OF CHINESE TECHNOLOGY,CAN'T TELL US WHO DID IT !Learn from that kids,i would say some unprofessionalism,is happenin somewhere?So don't try and follow me ,this act is just to hard and dangerous,I've just been lucky,that's RIGHT KIDS ,THE PAPER BOY ,THE WAITRESS THE GAS ATTENDANTS,WILL HELP YOU AND ACT PROFESSIONAL,USUALLY,BUT A MAN WHO HAS A POSITION HE WANTS TO PRESERVE ,WILL CRAWL ON HIS BELLY THROUGH A MILE OF SHIT, JUST TO PUT A PILL IN YOUR HAMBURGER.ARE YOU LEARNING?THIS IS BOOT CAMP FOR THE INNOCENT'S,I WILL NEVER LIE TO YOU.GFRONZI

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