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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

special events

Hello, perimeter surfers,it's me the fronz,i don't care if no one's out there, i can't possibly give up ,just in case a perimeter rider is out there,it's that time of year again,Christmas,this Christmas,for some reason feels different to me ,i can't put my finger on it ,but I'm getting an eerie feeling,i suggest the united states homeland security ,be extra vigilant this year,i hope I'm wrong,we don't need more than has already occurred,there is almost no fix now ,hate is now ingrained, in the hearts of all parties,how could this have happened when all parties hold their religious beliefs up as strong and right,yet continue to act against all reason or beliefs.Somehow we have lost Mohamed,Jesus,Buddha, Thor, whoever your deity is you've pushed,him aside and and accepted hate instead of reason,how history will refer to this era ,will be hidden ,in blood, hate or monetary agendas will be sugarcoated by all participants ,did the perpetrators of 9/11 stop to think what they were doing to their own people,and how they will all suffer,their cause was a selfish ploy to gain infamy,and they say a bunch of virgins,couldn't these guy's get laid some other way?The united states has ever reason to be infuriated,but since it has the biggest guns it is up to them to ,not turn the other cheek, but to, at the same time put things into perspective this isn't a war,it's a statement ,and we all know that you start out with a direction to your statement,but what you might end up with in the end is only a gurgle or a cry,all people of the world asses yourselves,look inside yourselves, and feel ,HOLD IT RIGHT HERE,THIS IS MY TOPIC,what do you think a little Muslim boy in America feels when full grown adults,shout obscenities at him as he walks to school,or he is rejected at everything ,he does, from having the same life as the rest of the kids, his little developing mind is looking for answers,but it will be hard to give him one, as his parents don't want to put fear into him.Are we grooming what we deserve,another terrorist,you and everyone on this planet,are in cahoots with their own demise,and orchestrate their own deaths.What ever happened to having a conscience?Before you say or do anyting in this world ,you must check and send out your concience first.OTHERWISE your heart does not have time to asses your action,you are theoretically evil,and are no better than the box cutter boys.HOLD YOUR TONGUE UNLESS IT'S GOING TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE,we are all the same here ,and we all deserve to be treeted the same,believe me if this is not implimented ,it's going to get worse than better.You might say well thats how i feel,well how you feel is to be kept to yourself,and even if you have to fake diplomacy,it's better than racism,or hate.This christmas all christians,and people of all walks,concentrate on your similarities not our differances ,and i promise you that what you leave behind will be something to believe in.gfronzidec.20/o6

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