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Sunday, December 17, 2006

look around a lttle something is missing

Hello, you perimeter pylons,its me fronz,hey listen up ,realize first off,what I'm about to say pertains to probably all nations in the world,when i became a finished mechanic, i had to serve a period of time before i could be paid or received the respect denoting my abilities to prove i actually was made for the job,almost any job,has those barriers,all except politics,are we like the valley girls of the universe,we do this, yet any armband carrying megalomaniac can run for top post at any election,sorry fellow perimeters,but i think this is an area that should be looked at as a first step too a world order.the politician that runs for the top job should have some time test under his belt, to see him in all forms of action,and that doesn't mean ,i worked at city hall for awhile,the top level of government,is where his time should be in,the limit should be studied, but it takes a five year apprenticeship to become a millwright,the studies and the fact that a lot of my trade is hands on;where as a lot of the political trade is in human studies,a limit should be studied, and kept on hand if anyone had the balls to implement it,meanwhile sleep tight the fronz is always on the perimeter looking,arrrrrivdercie baby.gfronzi .dec/17/2006

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