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Sunday, December 24, 2006

why freddy mercury is in heavan

Hello,fronz,how are you doing ,terrible, couldn't be worse,really? yea but ,i signed up for it so, lets roll.Hello perimeter placeholders,it's me ,fronz, Christmas,you know as shitty as your family life could be,take a good look at these people,then bring in the fact,that? that's just how it is,and these people will someday mean everything to you.Take a good look,and don't forget any of them.Keep them alive in your psyche,if their gone,and make shure you have a true and clear picture,of the ones in your life,if you don't, you are really missing something,because ,as being human,with the human tool, developed,or created,the most advanced computer still in production,for millions of years,complete with everything installed,and operational,you can still only catch small glimpses ,of the near memory, so we are not capable, of acquiring the real feel ,until it comes back at us thru the subconscious,then it is devastating.It is an ongoing love affair ,even tho,you now see only the bad points.Yes love, doesn't ,that emotion,make things happen,once it starts ,nothing can stop it,no time, no place ,nowhere,sometimes we don't even know it,till there is change in your life,so having yada yada ,that,lets get to the topic at hand,for I'm sorry, but we, all of us, have to suffer alone,personally ,i prefer it,i don't like ,people seeing me in pain,it leaves a bad,memory,remember,it's better to burn out,.than to hang on a fu---in cross,for some,reason nobody, really gives a shit about ,any ways.Yea baby!No way, death is gotta be fast,now don't go killing yourselves, cause I'm shure as not, going to kill myself,I've' lived long enough,to know tomorrow you could be slammin down the highway, with a hot chick, that is true,and rock in on ,yea, i may be a fatalist, but,the life I've lived, was nothing close to being boring.well as i go around this existence,i have this running question survey i do, when i do talk to people ,that is because i find people, to be interesting and sometimes, in certain situations they give you a point of view ,that,you might have missed, so i drink deep when i converse.One of my questions,is and will now cease to be ,do you think Freddy mercury went to heaven,well on reaching a final tally ,i couldn't find one person, even amongst the homo phobs,that Freddy isn't in heaven,now my sexuality is not the topic here and that's personal,to personal,but everyone liked the guy, for what he gave to us,his talent,so ,here's to you Freddy,hold us a spot will ya.fronz,dec,24/06---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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