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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Hello, perimeter pescators,guess who?it fronz,your only hope,[LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT HEART AKE ,AND THE LOSS OF GOD, WANDERING ,WANDERING,IN HOPELESS NIGHT,OUT HERE ON THE PERI MITER THERE ARE NO STARS, OUT HERE WE IS STONED IMMACULATE.]JIM MORRISON OF THE BAND THE DOORS.AH summer,warm breezes ,long days, wooden screen doors,a girl, with a little jack Russell terrier,sitting on the porch,grandpa is out amongst the corn,mama is cooking in the kitchen,and not crack,food,sounds like home,thee is no place like home is there,not to that girl with the ruby red slippers,home is KANSAS,but isn't KANSAS ,home to all north Americans,somehow i think it is,the heartland.KANSAS, IS FRAME OF MIND,a place we all yearn for,solidified in our psyche,by Hollywood,it's analogies tho are quit comparable to the strife it took Dorothy the girl , to get back home,she had to find power,that could make it happen,she had forces working against her ,[the wicked witch].But if you are familiar with the movie the WIZARD OF OZ,you will notice that because she was an innocent ,and in danger ,she had more allies than enemy's,take heed of that,because as innocence is lost, and your souls corrupt, you get farther away from home,until you can never go back ,then you might not even realise ,in your haste to satisfy your ego ,by stealing the ruby slippers,you are gone ,then even i can't help you,so close your eyes, and click your heels,and repeat, there is no place like home,there is no place like home.gfronzi/dec.20/06

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