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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Friday, December 8, 2006

angels among us

Hello,if your down trodden,if your at your darkest hour,if there seems to be no way out,or in,this is when you will see them,actual people,usually not your friends, but people,that know of your plight,and without fanfare or recognition,help you,it could be a jail guard, a police officer,a lady in your companies ,staff,these people give their help,to you,without recognition,I'm speaking from first hand experience,you all know who you are,the good Samaritans,they want to fill a space in their lives by helping you,and will never be recognized for it.Yes there are angels among us ,for when you least expect it,it works,and you can go on for another day,don't be surprised that these people are not your friends,even though they say they will help,some of the lowest forms are a actually setting you up for a worse fall,rid yourself of those friends and go it alone,it is safer.God bless you weary travellers,if your true walk it,if your kicked down,slowly get back up,because the truth is still unchangeable,and it will come out,sentencing your ,defilers to hell,you see they don't believe in another existence,so they feel they can covertly lie cheat and steal from you,hang on ,walk with pride they will be exposed for their true nature.REMEMBER OUT HERE ON THE PERIMETER THERE ARE NO STARS TO GUIDE YOU, OUT HERE WE IS STONED IMMACULATE!GIANFRANCO FRONZI DEC 8\06 OH BY THE WAY todayIS MINE AND JIM MORRISONS BIRTHDAY,POOR JOHN LENNON WAS WASTED ON THIS DATE ALSO,I WISH I COULD HAVE MET THEM,BUT IN THOSE DAY'S IT WOULD HAVE JUST BEEN A SMASH,ARRIVEDERCI BABY!

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