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Saturday, December 9, 2006

social deception

Hello,gees i hope someone is reading this stuff, or else I'm wasting my time,if your out there,could you please just put "yes" in the comments ,or else I'm just a raving lunatic.Well today another uplifting observation.When man was still unorganized, and still basically a cave man ,he new only one thing for shure,that being ;he knew who his mother was;maybe not his father ,but he did now his mother.She took care of him ,fed him, guarded him, and so on .Why?I know many women are going to raise hackles shortly, but you can't deny this observation.You might say an instinctual trait, to nurture and protect?I'm shure that this exists,a love,but there is also something called survival,I'm shure many mothers have died for their children, but ,the mother wants to survive too.The ramifications in primeval times are obvious,but in modern man.Now i am not talking about all mothers,but the vast majority are failures,even in comparison with the cave dweller.And yet the modern mother has more knowledge and services to rely on ,real help, from all forms of North American government,I'm talking about the direction of our future here,and it should mean a lot to all people,because if our future is a failure,we as a species are not the grand poobas we think we are,and should push that nuclear eraser now,shure there are good kids, and there are bad kids ,and it all evens out in the end,BULL,to progress, means not even out, it, means to win.Excuse me ,but I'm tired now, I've been in front of this screen for days ,i will recap the subject on return thank you.g.fronzi dec.9/06


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You are to harsh on all mothers I think you are generalizing to much and maybe all the government hell is what is screwing up motherhood today and taking away from society old morals of family support and guidance

Lisa said...

your fucked