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Sunday, December 3, 2006

cotinuation of homo sapians[last blog]

Hello,whomever,I'm still going,i hate sleep it's such a waste of time.I would like to pick up where i left off in the last blog.Jesus.yes i find it hard to believe,that Jesus would have been so lame as to let certain doom or injustice,from occurring,so i searched my soul at what he could have actually been trying to say,remember that all his words went threw many lips before they were put down on paper,i thought and thought,one of my thought selections led me to do a comparison of my theories on how to comport yourself in certain situations,what i instantly saw was that each situation is different,so a blanket answer,such as turn the other cheek,is not supported by reason,he might of made such a statement,but it might have only applied to a certain question or scenario.We may not , and probably will ever get the true meaning of this statement,and it is definitely not enough to base a whole way of life.I believe a better reply would be" turn the other cheek,if your opponent is unworthy, of you doing something in defence of yourself".In the old testament God was portrayed to be a real heavy dude ,he was mean,vindictive,heavy on payback,an entity that you feared and still should fear to this day,but then ,the book contradicts itself and says he loves us all and is forgiving,i think we shouldn't dwell on simple fraze's that actually cannot be verified,hey people say a lot of things in their relationships with friends,and when those friends are waiting for every word that may come along during a conversation ,things get a little to tight.Yet in the big picture,we get a revolutionary way of thought that didn't exist,before Christ,a vision and code ,that is really something to live by,so good of a credo,that it reverberates still ,2000 years later.I AM GOING TO LEAVE THIS TOPIC ,AND RESUME IT AT A LATER DATE,AS I FEEL YOU CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH AT ONE TIME,I WILL TURN BACK TO REAL TIME,OPTIONS TO BELIEVE IN, AS I FEEL THAT THEY ARE IMPORTANT TO THE SEEKERS OF GUIDANCE,remember out here there are no stars to guide you.gianfranco fronziDEC/3 2006 THANK YOU GOODBYE.

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