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Friday, December 15, 2006

gang reply

Hello,fellow perimeter,walkers,it's the fronz,I'm going to gang reply, because i wanna say something, so ,ANONYMOUS, the wizard blend, is a personal tool,you can't use mine ,because your makeup is different than mine,you've,got to find your own way, but let me tell it took a lot of adjusting to find the right tool, for the right,plain, i need , i think you dig?LISA ROCK ON BABY!And,MR. PUFFER,you gave yourself away,i have known MR. PUFFER, for many years ,we go so far back women needed an escourt,to drink!HE is part of sault history.And just as he said he would,we sat, and tossed a few around,he with his blend, and i with mine,and something came up from my soul,i asked MR.PUFFER,WHAT IS MY MOTIVE ?THAT IS NOT QUIT CLEAR IN ME, AND WOULD LIKE FEEDBACK,AND NO HOLDS BARD,GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT UP, AND HOT OF THE PULSE ,IN OTHER WORDS THE TRUTH AS YOU SEE IT,THANK YOU GFRONZ\DEC.15\06

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LISA said...

LISA beaming in from Cyberspace after being at a Wizards Party If I ever end on the far edge of the world we may have to share some of our blends or spells and potions, time to roar off into the netherworld I will be back later to see if you have any more guidance or pearls of wisdom, until then Beem me up Scotty we are out of here ! LISA