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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Hello,perimeter pariahs,it's fronzi ,still would like feedback on my motive for such a blog,raw feed only please, I'm a big boy i can take it,it won't disturb my flow,but possibly direct it, to a fine edge, like on a well made sword.That puts up the question why does anybody do this blog thing?There must be a multitude of answers,advertisement,loneliness,social vandalism,fame,get laid,let me assure you non of these are in my reso^ne d'tre,.I will give you my whole bodily function system report,on my feel for a reason,all of my life i've been different,than everyone else ,i think it has something to do with my attention span,while the whole school was watching the basketball game,i'd be sitting in the bleachers,looking at the structure of the building or the reactions of fellow students ,man i was out there as a kid ,it was a long and confusing journey,one that most people don't take,but at the culmination of that journey,i came back with all the knowledge,and observations that i had been studying ,while the rest of the class was doing their thing.Now with the help of an array of prescribed, and personal drugs,i am capable of aligning my thoughts,and am capable of expressing them with an honest sense of security,one that everyone lacks in his youth,but one that would confound me now, if not for all my helpers.So I've lived on the perimeter all my life,and there are no stars to guide you ,out here, out here we is stoned immaculate.g.fronzi\dec/16/06 i love you jimmy morrison you said it all.

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Anonymous said...

Perhap we who still have are youth are going to gain knowlege from your experiance and that is your purpose to pass on the knowledge that you have and give us direction as to which path to follow