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Thursday, December 28, 2006

ya gotta do ,what ya gotta do.

Hello, perimeter pacemakers,fronz ,here again,i just can't leave this site without stripping life to the bones.There is something not right here,and when something stinks ,it's time to throw it away.For millenia the human species lived with almost no ,over the shoulder,guidance from governing or social agencies,and it ,survived, and as a matter of fact actually in some periods,man lived better than we do now,e.g. PAX ROMANA,EGYPT'S GOLDEN AGES,RENAISSANCE,TO NAME A FEW.BUT for some reason the last century ,has become the most intrusive and over regulated,period of all time,up until the twentieth century,drugs,all drugs were legal,why the industrial revolution was fueled by alcohol,how do you think men worked long hours in mines, in factories,on farms,they were allowed to drink,to kill pain and boost endurance,even today,from my own experience,most labour intensive work,is done from the afterglow of the night before.Well let me tell you,there is no war on drugs,there is a war on keeping drugs legal,think of the high paying cushy jobs that would suffer from legalization,and then think of the victim,the user.Cocaine is now running the economy,meanwhile destroying lives ,because of it's expense,and legal ramifications,children are sold,ignored ,because the parent has to go through so many clandestine channels, and expense ,to get their drug of choice,hey ,these concoctions are here for us to use,and it's up to the person to regulate themselves.WE did fine before the law.It's getting to the point of ridiculousness.LAWS are dreamed up ,and with no input from the people,,or the propaganda machine,, making unsound allegations,laws are forced down our throats.We are getting more educated though,and the screw will eventually turn,if it doesn't,we will roll in this quagmire of false justice,and the tourniquet will just get tighter.They will weigh you,calculate your lung capacity,the amount of inhales and exhales you take and then,tax you for the air you breath ,and call it ,environmental tax.please give our planet back.fronz/dec29/06

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your a good man fronz