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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Hello, perimeter perry winkles,the fronz here,listen up me pretties,i was informed by local perimeter poncho's ,that they couldn't submit a comment,so i dug up the self help, and did some adjusting,i posted a comment myself ,to see if it worked,yea the one about me being a great guy,so sorry man, it hurt me as much as you ,but it's on ,lets roll baby!kick me ,punch me,push me aside ,fore i am the one to practice on ,why? you might ask ,because no matter what you could dream up, I'll have a reply for you, that will ,..........,.but if you are an idiot, this is the wrong place to be,noway man,were the beautiful can't f...k with that.No I'm not going to give you any cool aide to drink,or am i going to play with your psyche,if you've read some of the stuff here, i can be very diplomatic,something i acquired through close scrutiny of a larger than life figure,one i can't even come close to touching,my dad,now I'm not going to give you a sad tale,because there was nothing sad about this mans life,like i said,i can't, even touch it .PERIMETERS,sometimes there are, one or more,shooting stars out here,if you think about it ,you could probably think of quit a few in your life.It's getting pretty bad out there ,another blogger felt he had to slam my blog,what a compliment,thank you.I mean it ,when somebody slams you ,you know your doing fine,because that person,thinking that most people are stupid ,uses the lowest form of emotions,and here, i idiot, am even giving it some thought,rent free.!O.K. WRITE AWAY FELLOW WATCHERS,FORE I'LL BE BACK AS SOON AS AM ABLE,FIRE SOME MIND BENDERS MY WAY PLEASE.FRONZ30 DEC.06

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